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Levi is a graduate (Bachelor of Science, Pure Math Major) from the University of Nairobi, 2013, and   currently pursuing his second degree in Mass Communication at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, alongside a master’s degree in Pure Math at the University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus.


He is a published playwright, recorded songwriter with Helim Records, poet, novelist, Political Columnist for SIDO International, and a freelance journalist currently based in Nairobi, Kenya.


He was born in Western Kenya, Bungoma County, Mount Elgon, in a tiny village called Bondeni on 2nd February 1989 to the late David Silas Naibei Cheruo and Selina Semben Kaptunwo.


Not long after his birth, his parents walked their separate ways after a not-so-happy marriage that he would come to learn many years later was characterized by violence, drunkenness and negligence. Denied both motherly and fatherly love, it didn't take long for this promising author to realize he was on his own. It is at this stage that Levi started asking why...then his Papa died, closely followed by Isabel, his late girlfriend, and the only kind soul he ever knew.


For Levi, writing is not only a past-time hobby, but a therapeutic undertaking that has helped him discover the real him. What happens around him greatly inspires his writings.... It could be the sudden loss of a loved one, the runaway culture of impunity, and rampant corruption in my country, a heartbreak, and most important, solitude and loneliness.


His books are mainly centered on the themes of parenting, social justice, equality, good governance, and leadership accountability. The UglyBeautiful Tale of a Stupid, Stupid Heart was inspired by the 2007/2008 Kenya's Post Election Violence, and the subsequent victory to the alleged perpetrators; There is No Country Called Kenya is an answer to the current wave of perpetual state-sanctioned thieving that threatens to tear Kenya apart, and so are the rest of the titles namely Please! Remember to Forget me and Other Stories, and Crawling to my Death and Other Poems.


Levi has two other works that will be hitting your bookstores at the soonest opportune possible. These include a Swahili Riwaya titled Yajapo Yapokee, and a Movie Script titled Home Sweet Home, Here I Come.


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WhatsApp: +254725258821

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General Information:

Levi is a passionate writer, a gifted poet, an accomplished lyricist, a recorded singer, and above all a freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.
So far, he has penned down close to eight titles, which are readily available and accessible online. These titles include The Bitter Pills, Songs from my Soul, When they Only Love your Body and Others, A Million ways to make Money Online for Writers, A Sure Date with the Icy and Ugly Fangs of Fate: Failed Promises, The Greatest Thieves of Kenya, There is no Country Called Kenya, and two upcoming titles:

[1] A Swahili Riwaya titled 'Yajapo Yapokee'
[2] An English Novella titled 'Married to my Shadow'
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There is no Country Called Kenya : If you Must Steal, Just Steal a...

By: Levi Cheptora Cheruo

The year is 2030. A mysterious, rogue, and notorious Committee X has hijacked Kenya, defiled The Kenya Constitution 2010, grabbed forests, parks, whole counties, legalize prostitution, is openly cultivating coca, poppies, and cannabis sativa, and has stolen every coin from Central Bank…inflation rates are skyrocketing, unemployment rates are off the roof, the Shilling value is nose-diving, teachers, nurses, doctors, security personnel among others are either on strike or...

ACT III Scene 1 SETTING: Abunker at the US Embassy, Gigiri. Twotables with chairs on either side. Itis 9:00 AM, 4TH, Tuesday, June, 2030. AT RISE: JOHNis going through his typed speech. SARAH is all over him, her arms around hiswaist. JEZEBEL, PROFESSOR MAMBO and RETIRED GENERAL are busy with theirsmartphones, stiffly seated around the two tables. JEFFRY (Entering the bunker) Hi guys, sor...

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The UglyBeautiful Tale of a Stupid, Stupid Heart : When Mother Hen...

By: Levi Cheptora Cheruo

This is not a love story; neither is it a story about love... The UglyBeautiful Tale of a Stupid, Stupid Heart is a story, fictitious and real yet imaginatively recounted and recreated anew, about living a lie, a day at a time until death suddenly, fiercely shuts its dark door of mercy, and tramples one upon the vast emptiness. This is especially the case when David and Wairimu, apparently engaged in a forbidden passion, unfortunately finds themselves in the unforgivable...

Still, people laughed, others cried. Some married. As a man with sweet food before him, nobody expected the powers that were to fathom the bitterness of famine! David was getting used to the drama. Nothing was exciting anymore. His past envy for Onyango was much alive now. Perhaps the man was passing some good time in the hereafter. So much was happening...So much for his soul to bear. Learning institutions across the country had to open its gates to tens of thousands ...

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