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List of Justices of the Delaware Supreme Court


List of Justices of the Delaware Supreme Court

Following is a list of Justices of the Delaware Supreme Court. From 1772 to 1950, Delaware did not have appointed Supreme Court justices. Instead, appeals from intermediate appellate determinations were taken to "The High Court of Errors and Appeals" - a panel made up of the state Chancellor, and all judges of the "Supreme Court" and of the Courts of Common Pleas who had not previously been involved with the case; under that system, the sole "Supreme Court" justice was the Chief Justice of Delaware.

In 1950, Delaware created a new state Supreme Court, with three judges appointed by the governor.

Judicial officers

Judge Began active
Ended active
Berger, CarolynCarolyn Berger 1994 2014 -
Bramhall, Howard W.Howard W. Bramhall 1954 1962 -
Carey, James B.James B. Carey 1963 1974 -
Christie, Andrew D.Andrew D. Christie 1983 1992 Chief Justice from 1985-1992.
Duffy, WilliamWilliam Duffy 1973 1982 -
Herrmann, Daniel L.Daniel L. Herrmann 1965 1985 Chief Justice from 1973-1985.
Holland, Randy J.Randy J. Holland 1986 present -
Horsey, Henry R.Henry R. Horsey 1978 1994 -
Jacobs, Jack B.Jack B. Jacobs 2003 2014 -
McNeilly, Jr., John J.John J. McNeilly, Jr. 1974 1986 -
Moore II, Andrew G. T.Andrew G. T. Moore II 1982 1994 -
Quillen, William T.William T. Quillen 1978 1983 -
Ridgely, Henry du PontHenry du Pont Ridgely 2004 2015 -
Seitz, Jr., Collins J.Collins J. Seitz, Jr. 2015 present -
Southerland, Clarence A.Clarence A. Southerland 1951 1963 Chief Justice from 1951-1963.
Steele, Myron T.Myron T. Steele 2000 present Chief Justice from 2004–2014.
Strine, LeoLeo Strine[1] 2014 present Chief Justice from 2014–present
Terry, Jr., Charles L.Charles L. Terry, Jr. 1962 1964 Chief Justice from 1963-1964.
Tunnell, Jr., James M.James M. Tunnell, Jr. 1951 1954 -
Valihura, Karen L.Karen L. Valihura[2] 2014 present -
Vaughn Jr., James T.James T. Vaughn Jr.[3] 2014 present -
Veasey, E. NormanE. Norman Veasey 1992 2004 Chief Justice from 1992-2004.
Walsh, Joseph T.Joseph T. Walsh 1985 2003 -
Wolcott, Daniel F.Daniel F. Wolcott 1951 1973 Chief Justice from 1964-1973.

Chief justices of the High Court of Errors and Appeals

Colonial Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the Lower Counties

Judge Began active
Ended active
Clarke, WilliamWilliam Clarke 1684 1707 Also a Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Yeats, JasperJasper Yeats 1707 1710 -
Healey, JohnJohn Healey 1710 1714 -
Birmingham, RichardRichard Birmingham 1714 1717 -
Yeats, JasperJasper Yeats 1717 1720 -
French, JohnJohn French 1726 1727 -
Evans, DavidDavid Evans 1727 1741 -
Chew, SamuelSamuel Chew 1741 1743 -
Till, WilliamWilliam Till 1743 1745 -
Holt, RyvesRyves Holt 1745 1764 -
Vining, JohnJohn Vining 1764 1770 -
McWilliam, Jr., RichardRichard McWilliam, Jr. 1773 1777 -

Chief justices of the state of Delaware

Judge Began active
Ended active
Killen, WilliamWilliam Killen 1777 1793 -
Bassett, RichardRichard Bassett 1793 1793 -
Read, GeorgeGeorge Read 1793 1798 -
Johns, KenseyKensey Johns 1799 1799 -
Booth, Sr., JamesJames Booth, Sr. 1799 1828 -
Clayton, ThomasThomas Clayton 1828 1830 -
Harrington, Samuel M.Samuel M. Harrington 1830 1837 -
Clayton, John M.John M. Clayton 1837 1839 -
Bayard, Richard H.Richard H. Bayard 1839 1841 -
Booth, Jr., JamesJames Booth, Jr. 1841 1855 -
Harrington, Samuel M.Samuel M. Harrington 1855 1857 -
Gilpin, EdwardEdward Gilpin 1857 1876 -
Comegys, Joseph P.Joseph P. Comegys 1876 1893 -
Lore, Charles B.Charles B. Lore 1893 1909 -
Pennewell, JamesJames Pennewell 1909 1933 -
Layton, Daniel J.Daniel J. Layton 1933 1945 -
Richards, Charles S.Charles S. Richards 1945 1951 -


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