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25th Daytime Emmy Awards

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Title: 25th Daytime Emmy Awards  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Bill Nye the Science Guy, List of Daytime Emmy Award winners, Daytime Emmy Award, Daytime Emmy Award ceremonies, Rhonda Ross Kendrick
Collection: 1998 Television Awards, Daytime Emmy Award Ceremonies
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25th Daytime Emmy Awards

The 25th Daytime Emmy Awards were held in 1998 to commemorate excellence in daytime programming from the previous year (1997).

Winners in each category are in bold.


  • Outstanding Drama Series 1
  • Outstanding Lead Actor 2
  • Outstanding Lead Actress 3
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor 4
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress 5
  • Outstanding Younger Actor 6
  • Outstanding Younger Actress 7
  • Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team 8
  • Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team 9
  • Outstanding Talk Show 10
  • Outstanding Service Show 11
  • Outstanding Children's Special 12
  • Outstanding Performer in a Children's Special 13
  • Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program 14
  • Outstanding Music Direction and Composition 15
  • Outstanding Animated Program 16
  • Outstanding Special Class Animated Program 17
  • Outstanding Writing in a Children's Series 18
  • Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series 19
  • Outstanding Sound Editing 20
  • Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class 21
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing 22
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing - Special Class 23
  • Outstanding Single Camera Editing 24
  • Outstanding Children's Series 25
  • Lifetime achievement award 26
  • References 27

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actor

Outstanding Lead Actress

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Outstanding Younger Actor

Outstanding Younger Actress

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

Outstanding Talk Show

Outstanding Service Show

“The Pet Department” — Rickie Gaffney, executive producer; Teresa Pawlowski, producer (FX).
•“Martha Stewart Living” — Martha Stewart, executive producer; Carolyn Kelly, senior producer; Brook Altman, producer (syn).
•“The New Yankee Workshop” — Russell Morash, executive producer (PBS).
•“Newton’s Apple” — Richard Hudson, Lee Carey, executive producers; Kristian Berg, Lisa Blackstone, Jeff Nielsen, Erin Rasmussen, Kevin Williams, producers (PBS).
•“This Old House” — Russell Morash, executive producer; Bruce Irving, producer (PBS).

Outstanding Children's Special

  • Louis Gossett Jr., Hillard Elkins, Dan Redler and Patrick Whitley (In His Father's Shoes)
  • Helen Holt and Jeanine Isabel Butler (Assignment Discovery: The Science of HIV)
  • Sheila Nevins, Susan Hannah Hadary and William A. Whiteford (Bong & Donnell)
  • Carlyle Kyzer (Letters from Africa)
  • Paula Connelly Skorka, Howard Meltzer, Frank Doelger and Jonathan Stern (The Royale)

Outstanding Performer in a Children's Special

Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program

Outstanding Music Direction and Composition

Outstanding Animated Program

  • Micheline Charest, Carol Greenwald, Ronald A. Weinberg, Cassandra Schafhausen, Lesley Taylor, Ken Scarborough, Joe Fallon, Peter K. Hirsch and Greg Bailey (Arthur)
  • Liz Holzman, Wendell Morris, Jed Spingarn, Nelson Recinos, Kirk Tingblad, Charles Visser, Andrea Romano, Steven Spielberg, Russell Calabrese, Earl Kress, Mike Milo, Tom Ruegger (senior producer), Charles M. Howell IV (producer), Rusty Mills, Tom Sheppard (Pinky and the Brain)
  • David Campbell, Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway, Cydne Clark, Steve Granat, Carin Greenberg Baker, Martha Ripp, Ken Boyer (producer/director), Victor Cook (producer/director), Skip Jones, Rick Schneider, Peter Ferk, Don Gillies, Ken Koonce, Michael Merton and Bruce Shelly (101 Dalmatians: The Series)
  • Steven Spielberg, Tom Ruegger, Rusty Mills, Liz Holzman, Andrea Romano, Mike Milo, Jon McClenahan, Charles M. Howell IV, Randy Rogel, Kevin Hopps, Gordon Bressack, Nick Dubois and Tom Minton (Animaniacs)
  • Kristin Laskas Martin, Karen Stevens, Jocelyn Stevenson, George Arthur Bloom, Vince Commisso, Larry Jacobs and Susan Blu (The Magic School Bus)

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

Outstanding Writing in a Children's Series

Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series

Outstanding Sound Editing

  • Dave Howe, Thomas McGurk, Michael McAuliffe (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
  • Anna MacKenzie, Rick Hinson, Ray Spiess, William H. Angarola, Mark Cleary, Mike Marchain, Cindy Rabideau and Robert Guastini (Crayola Kids Adventures)
  • Denise Brady, Anna MacKenzie, Mike Marchain, William H. Angarola, Raymond E. Spiess III, Cindy Rabideau, Ray Spiess and Robert Guastini (Flipper)
  • Kurt Wagner (A Magical Walt Disney World Christmas)

Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class

  • Thomas Syslo, Timothy Borquez, Eric Freeman, Rick Hammel, Les Wolf and Marc Mailand (The Angry Beavers)
  • Dick Maitland, Bob Schott and David Browning (Sesame Street)
  • Eric Freeman, Timothy Borquez and Rick Hinson (Life with Louie)
  • Diane Griffen, John Hegedes, George Brooks, Kelly Ann Foley, Gregory Beaumont, Mark Keatts and Robert Hargreaves (The New Batman Adventures)
  • Eric Hertsguaard, Melissa Ellis, Brian F. Mars, Kenneth Young, David Lynch, Marc S. Perlman, Robert Duran, William Griggs, Robert Poole II, Charles Rychwalski, Kris Daly, Dominick Certo, Jorge Riesenfeld, Bill Kean and Jennifer Mertens (101 Dalmatians: The Series)

Outstanding Sound Mixing

  • Dave Howe, Thomas McGurk, Michael McAuliffe, Bob O'Hern, Resti Bagcal, Marion Smith (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
  • Gary Gossett, Todd Orr, Jon Taylor and Kevin Patrick Burns (Crayola Kids Adventures)
  • Ron Balentine, Gary French and David M. Boothe (Barney & Friends)
  • Todd Orr, Kevin Patrick Burns and Jon Taylor (Flipper)
  • John Badenhop and Robert L. Manahan (Beakman's World)

Outstanding Sound Mixing - Special Class

Outstanding Single Camera Editing

Outstanding Children's Series

Lifetime achievement award


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