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Adjectivals and demonyms for U.S. states

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Title: Adjectivals and demonyms for U.S. states  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Outline of Alabama, Outline of Alaska, Outline of Arizona, Outline of Arkansas, Outline of Colorado, Outline of Connecticut, Outline of Delaware
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Adjectivals and demonyms for U.S. states

This is a list of terms, not manifestly pejorative, which are used, or have been used in the past, to designate the residents of specific U.S. states. The list also contains Washington, D.C., although it is not a state.

State Official
(recommended by U.S. GPO)[1]
Official, unofficial or informal alternates
Alabama Alabamian Alabaman[2][3]
Alaska Alaskan Ice Chipper, Sourdough
Arizona Arizonan Arizonian,[2] Sand Cutter[4]
Arkansas Arkansan Arkansawyer,[5] Arkie [6]
California Californian
Colorado Coloradan Coloradoan (archaic)[7][8]
Connecticut Connecticuter Nutmegger,[2] Connecticotian, Connecticutensian,[9] Connecticutian
Delaware Delawarean Blue Hen's Chicken, Muskrat[10]
District of Columbia Washingtonian District Native
Florida Floridian
Georgia Georgian Buzzard, Sand-hiller[11]
Hawaii Hawaiian Malihini (newcomer),[2] Kamaʻāina (native-born nonethnic Hawaiian),[2] Hawaii Resident, Islander[12]
Idaho Idahoan Idahoer
Illinois Illinoisan Illinoisian, Flatlander, Sand-hiller, Illini, Egyptian[13]
Indiana Hoosier Hoosier[14] (official state designation), Indianian[2] (archaic)
Iowa Iowan Hawkeye, Iowegian
Kansas Kansan Sunflower, Grasshopper[15]
Kentucky Kentuckian Corncracker[16]
Louisiana Louisianan Louisianais (in French), Louisianian
Maine Mainer Down Easter or Downeaster,[17] Mainiac,[18] Pine Tree, Fox, Lumberjack[10]
Maryland Marylander
Massachusetts Massachusettsan Bay Stater (official term used by state government),[19] Massachusite (traditional),[20][21] Masshole (derogatory)
Michigan Michiganian Michigander,[2] Mashugana, Michiganer, Michiganese, Michigine, Wolverine,[22][23] Michiganite,[24] Yooper/Troll (for residents of the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula, respectively),[25] Flatlander (for residents of the mid and southern portions of the Lower Peninsula)
Minnesota Minnesotan Gopher, Sotan(s)
Mississippi Mississippian Stumpjumper
Missouri Missourian Bushwacker
Montana Montanan
Nebraska Nebraskan Cornhusker
Nevada Nevadan Nevadian[2]
New Hampshire New Hampshirite New Hampshireman[26]
New Jersey New Jerseyan New Jerseyite[2]
New Mexico New Mexican Nuevomexicano
New York New Yorker
North Carolina North Carolinian Tar Boiler,[27] Tar Heel, North Carolinan
North Dakota North Dakotan NoDak
Ohio Ohioan Buckeye[28]
Oklahoma Oklahoman Okie,[29] Sooner[30]
Oregon Oregonian Oregoner
Pennsylvania Pennsylvanian Pennamite,[31] Coal Cracker
Rhode Island Rhode Islander Swamp Yankee[32]
South Carolina South Carolinian Sand Lapper, South Carolinan
South Dakota South Dakotan
Tennessee Tennessean Volunteer, Big Bender, Butternut[33]
Texas Texan Texian (Anglo-Texan - historical),[34] Tejano (Mexican-Texan), Texican (archaic)
Utah Utahn Utonian, Utahan[2]
Vermont Vermonter
Virginia Virginian
Washington Washingtonian
West Virginia West Virginian Mountaineer
Wisconsin Wisconsinite Cheesehead,[35][36] Wisconsinian, Wisconsonian, Sconnie, Badger
Wyoming Wyomingite Wyoman

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