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Attorney General of Alabama

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Title: Attorney General of Alabama  
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Subject: Elections in Alabama, Luther Strange, State Auditor of Alabama, State attorney general, Tulane Law Review
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Attorney General of Alabama

Seal of the Attorney General of Alabama

The Attorney General of Alabama is an elected, constitutional officer of the State of Alabama. The office of the Attorney General is located at the state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama. Henry Hitchcock was elected Alabama's first attorney general in 1819.


As is common in many states, the Attorney General is the chief lawyer of the state. He is called upon as the chief defender of the laws of Alabama, the lawyer for state officials and represents the state in all matters brought before a court of law or tribunal. The Attorney General (AG) also provides advisory opinions to local and state governments when questions arise about the constitutionality of proposed laws and regulations. It is the task of the AG to represent the state when questions arise concerning various criminal sentences including the death penalty.

From time to time the AG may begin legal proceedings on behalf of the state or on behalf of consumers damaged by illegal or bad faith commercial transactions.


Eighteen divisions comprise the Attorney General's office including a Violent Crimes Division, a Public Corruption Division and Consumer Protection Division. Division chiefs include David P. Bjurberg, Crenshaw J. Clay, Margaret L. Fleming, Garret M. Billington,John D. Gibbs, and Bruce M. Lieberman.[1]

List of Attorneys General of Alabama

The Chief Deputy Attorney General is Turner L. Kevin[2] John C. Neiman Jr. is the Solicitor general[3] Rosa H. Davis is an Assistant Attorney general [4]

# Name Took office Left office Party
1 Henry Hitchcock 1819 1823
2 Thomas White 1823 1825
3 Constantine Perkins 1825 1832
4 Peter Martin 1832 1836
5 Alexander Meek 1836 1836
6 John D. Phelan 1836 1838
7 Lincoln Clark 1838 1839
8 Matthew W. Lindsay 1839 1843
9 Thomas D. Clarke 1843 1847
10 William H. Martin 1847 1847
11 Marion A. Baldwin 1847 1865
12 John W. A. Sanford 1865 1868
13 Benjamin Gardner 1868 1870
14 John W. A. Sanford 1870 1872
15 Henry Tompkins 1878 1884
16 Thomas McClellan 1884 1889
17 William L. Martin 1889 1894
18 William C. Fitts 1894 1898
19 Charles G. Brown 1898 1903
20 Massey Wilson 1903 1907
21 Alexander M. Garber 1907 1911 Democrat
22 Robert Brickell 1911 1915 Democrat
23 William Logan Martin 1915 1918
24 F. Lloyd Tate 1918 1918
25 Emmet S. Thigpen 1918 1919
26 James Q. Smith 1919 1921 Democrat
27 Harwell G. Davis 1921 1927 Democrat
28 Charlie C. McCall 1927 1931
29 Thomas E. Knight 1931 1935 Democrat
30 A. A. Carmichael 1935 1939
31 Thomas S. Lawson 1939 1942
32 William N. McQueen 1943 1945 Democrat
33 William N. McQueen 1945 1947 Democrat
34 A. A. Carmichael 1947 1951
35 S. I. Garrett 1951 1954
36 Bernard Sykes 1954 1955
37 John Malcolm Patterson 1955 1959 Democrat
38 MacDonald Gallion 1959 1963 Democrat
39 Richmond Flowers 1963 1967 Democrat
40 MacDonald Gallion 1967 1971 Democrat
41 William J. Baxley 1971 1979 Democrat
42 Charles A. Graddick 1979 1987 Democrat
43 Don Siegelman 1987 1991 Democrat
44 Jimmy Evans 1991 1995 Democrat
45 Jeff Sessions 1995 1997 Republican
46 Bill Pryor 1997 2004 Republican
47 Troy King 2004 2011 Republican
48 Luther Strange 2011 N/A Republican


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