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A feature is a distinct property or piece, which may refer to:

Science and technology

  • Feature (software design) is an intentional distinguishing characteristic of a software item (in performance, portability, or - especially - functionality)
  • Feature (computer vision), could be an edge, corner or blob
  • Feature (CAD), could be a hole, pocket, or notch
  • Features (pattern recognition), in statistics: individual measurable properties of the phenomena being observed
  • Feature data, in geographic information systems, comprise information about an entity with a geographic location
  • Features (audio signal processing) aim to capture specific aspects of audio signals in a numeric way


  • Feature film, a film intended for initial distribution in theaters
  • A feature story is a piece of journalistic writing that covers a selected issue in-depth
  • Radio documentary (feature), a radio program devoted to covering a particular topic in some depth, usually with a mixture of commentary and sound pictures


  • Feature (linguistics), a property of a class of linguistic items which describes individual members of that class
  • Distinctive feature, the most basic unit of structure that can be analyzed by phonetics and phonology

Other uses


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