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List of Pakistanis

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Title: List of Pakistanis  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Culture of Pakistan, Ethnic groups in Pakistan, Religion in Pakistan, Sport in Pakistan, Flag of Pakistan
Collection: Lists of Pakistani People, Lists of People by Nationality
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Pakistanis

Pakistan is the sixth most populous nation in the World. Below is a list of some people who in some way relate to the country. See Category:Pakistani people for an alphabetical list of Pakistanis with categories.


  • Heads of State or Government 1
    • Civil / Democratically Elected Administrators 1.1
    • Military / Non-Democratically Elected Administrators 1.2
  • Foreign Ministers 2
  • Diplomats 3
  • Other Major Political Figures 4
  • Judges 5
  • Lawyers 6
  • Human Rights Activists and Philanthropists 7
  • Academia 8
    • Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, Doctors, Economists and Heads of Institutes 8.1
    • School Teachers 8.2
  • Religious Scholars 9
  • Military Personnel 10
  • Businessmen and Industrialists 11
  • Bankers 12
  • Arts, Literature and Other Media Personalities 13
    • Writers and Poets 13.1
    • Actors and Actresses 13.2
    • Artists and Painters 13.3
    • Photographers 13.4
    • Documentary Filmmakers 13.5
      • Visual Effects 13.5.1
      • Fashion Designers 13.5.2
      • Models 13.5.3
    • Journalists 13.6
    • Musicians 13.7
    • Video Jockeys 13.8
  • Sports 14
    • Athletics 14.1
    • Cricket 14.2
    • Field Hockey 14.3
    • Golf 14.4
    • Sailing 14.5
    • Snooker 14.6
    • Squash 14.7
    • Tennis 14.8
    • Football 14.9
    • Tent Pegging 14.10
    • Mountaineers 14.11
    • Skiing 14.12
    • Wrestling 14.13
  • Police Officers 15
  • Other 16
  • References 17

Heads of State or Government

Civil / Democratically Elected Administrators

Military / Non-Democratically Elected Administrators

Foreign Ministers


Other Major Political Figures



Human Rights Activists and Philanthropists


Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, Doctors, Economists and Heads of Institutes

School Teachers

Religious Scholars

Military Personnel

Businessmen and Industrialists


Arts, Literature and Other Media Personalities

Writers and Poets

Main article(s): List of Pakistani writers, List of Urdu poets.

Actors and Actresses

For a categorical listing of actors in film, see Category:Pakistani film actors

Artists and Painters


Documentary Filmmakers

Visual Effects

Fashion Designers




Video Jockeys




Field Hockey







Tent Pegging




Police Officers



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