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List of history journals


List of history journals

This list of history journals presents representative academic journals pertaining to the field of history and historiography. It includes scholarly journals that qualify as important according to one or more panels of judges from JSTOR, Project MUSE, the History Cooperative, the American Historical Association,[1] or Goedeken (2000),[2] or are published by national or regional historical societies, or by major scholarly publishers (such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, or the University of Chicago Press). It does not include many of the world's 5000 journals devoted to local history or highly specialized topics.


  • General history 1
  • By period 2
    • Classical 2.1
    • Modern and contemporary 2.2
  • By region 3
    • Africa 3.1
      • Egypt 3.1.1
    • Asia 3.2
      • East Asia 3.2.1
      • South Asia 3.2.2
      • Southeast Asia 3.2.3
    • Australasia and Oceania 3.3
    • Europe 3.4
      • Middle Ages 3.4.1
      • British Isles 3.4.2
      • Eastern and Southern Europe and Balkans 3.4.3
      • Nordic Europe 3.4.4
      • Western Europe 3.4.5
    • Latin America and the Caribbean 3.5
    • Middle East 3.6
    • United States and Canada 3.7
      • States and provinces 3.7.1
  • By topic 4
    • Archeology 4.1
    • Archives 4.2
    • Art and architecture 4.3
    • Business, labor and economics 4.4
    • Demography 4.5
    • Ethnic and racial studies 4.6
    • Historiography, teaching and methodology 4.7
    • Genocide 4.8
    • Legal 4.9
    • Media and books 4.10
    • Military 4.11
    • Religion 4.12
    • Science and technology 4.13
    • Social 4.14
    • Urban 4.15
    • Women's and gender studies 4.16
  • See also 5
    • Related lists 5.1
  • References 6
  • External links 7

General history

By period


Modern and contemporary

By region




East Asia

South Asia

Southeast Asia

Australasia and Oceania


Middle Ages

British Isles

Eastern and Southern Europe and Balkans

Nordic Europe

Western Europe

Latin America and the Caribbean

Middle East

United States and Canada

States and provinces

By topic



Art and architecture

Business, labor and economics


Ethnic and racial studies

Historiography, teaching and methodology



Media and books



Science and technology



Women's and gender studies

See also

Related lists


  1. ^ The American Historical Society's Directory of Journals
  2. ^ Goedeken, Edward A. (2002). "Journals of the Century in Modern History". In Stankus, Tony. Journals of the Century. New York:  

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