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List of incorporated places in Delaware

 †  County seat
 ††  State capital and county seat

Map of USA & Delaware
Wilmington, Largest City in Delaware
Dover, Capital of Delaware

This is a list of incorporated places in Delaware. This list contains population data based on 2011 census estimates.[1]

Rank Name Type Population County Hundred Settled Inc. Origin of Name
1 Wilmington † City 71,305 New Castle Wilmington Hundred 1638 1739 Spencer Compton,
Earl of Wilmington or corruption of Willington after Thomas Willing[2]
2 Dover †† City 36,560 Kent East Dover Hundred 1683 1829 Dover in Kent, England[2]
3 Newark City 31,618 New Castle White Clay Hundred 1694 1758 Newark-on-Trent[2]
4 Middletown Town 18,995 New Castle Bunker Hill, Maryland and Odessa, Delaware[2]
5 Smyrna Town 10,180 Kent/New Castle Duck Creek Hundred Ancient Greek city of Smyrna[2]
6 Milford City 9,709 Kent/Sussex Milford Hundred/Cedar Creek Hundred Named for numerous mills around town[2]
7 Seaford City 7,036 Sussex Seaford Hundred 1865 Seaford, East Sussex
8 Georgetown † Town 6,524 Sussex Georgetown Hundred 1791 1869 Commissioner
George Mitchell[2]
9 Elsmere Town 6,172 New Castle Christiana Hundred c1890 1909
10 New Castle City 5,320 New Castle New Castle Hundred 1651 1875
11 Millsboro Town 3,942 Sussex Dagsboro Hundred
12 Laurel Town 3,769 Sussex Little Creek Hundred Laurel Trees
13 Harrington City 3,619 Kent Mispillion Hundred Hon. Samuel M. Harrington[2]
14 Camden Town 3,519 Kent North Murderkill Hundred 1982
15 Clayton Town 2,966 Kent/New Castle Duck Creek Hundred Thomas Clayton or Col. Joshua Clayton[2]
16 Lewes City 2,789 Sussex Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred 1631 1883 Lewes, East Sussex
17 Milton Town 2,621 Sussex Broadkill Hundred Poet John Milton[3]
18 Selbyville Town 2,192 Sussex Baltimore Hundred Sampson Selby
19 Bridgeville Town 2,081 Sussex Northwest Fork Hundred
20 Townsend Town 2,064 New Castle Appoquinimink Hundred Samuel Townsend[2]
21 Ocean View Town 1,912 Sussex Baltimore Hundred Views the Ocean
22 Delaware City City 1,706 New Castle Red Lion Hundred 1826 Delaware River
23 Delmar Town 1,630 Sussex Little Creek Hundred Delaware Maryland contraction[2]
24 Cheswold Town 1,401 Kent Kenton Hundred/Little Creek Hundred
25 Rehoboth Beach City 1,349 Sussex Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred Rehoboth (Bible)
26 Wyoming Town 1,334 Kent North Murderkill Hundred Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania
27 Felton Town 1,320 Kent South Murderkill Hundred
28 Blades Town 1,261 Sussex Broad Creek Hundred
29 Bellefonte Town 1,200 New Castle Brandywine Hundred 1915
30 Bethany Beach Town 1,077 Sussex Baltimore Hundred Bethany (Biblical village)
31 Newport Town 1,062 New Castle Christiana Hundred 1985
32 Greenwood Town 990 Sussex Northwest Fork Hundred March 9, 1901 [4]
33 Frankford Town 862 Sussex Dagsboro Hundred
34 Dagsboro Town 813 Sussex Dagsboro Hundred John Dagworthy[2]
35 Frederica Town 785 Kent South Murderkill Hundred
36 Millville Town 553 Sussex Baltimore Hundred
37 South Bethany Town 456 Sussex Baltimore Hundred Bethany (Biblical village)
38 Arden Village 442 New Castle Brandywine Hundred 1965
39 Ellendale Town 386 Sussex Cedar Creek Hundred 1905 The town is rumored to be named after either the daughter of Whig Republican Alfred Short,[5] a state legislator, the wife of Dr. John S. Prettyman who laid out the town,[2] or the daughter of Mr. Thomas William Dale, the chief engineer of the railroad survey team.[6]
40 Fenwick Island Town 384 Sussex Baltimore Hundred Thomas Fenwick
41 Houston Town 379 Kent Milford Hundred John W. Houston[2]
42 Odessa Town 367 New Castle Odessa in Russia[2]
43 Dewey Beach Town 347 Sussex Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred
44 Bowers Town 341 Kent South Murderkill Hundred
45 Ardentown Village 266 New Castle Brandywine Hundred
46 Kenton Town 264 Kent Kenton Hundred
47 Ardencroft Village 232 New Castle Brandywine Hundred
48 Magnolia Town 228 Kent South Murderkill Hundred 1885 Pierre Magnol[2]
49 Little Creek Town 227 Kent Little Creek Hundred
50 Slaughter Beach Town 210 Sussex Cedar Creek Hundred Unknown, numerous theories [7]
51 Leipsic Town 185 Kent Little Creek Hundred Leipzig in Saxony, Germany[2]
52 Woodside Town 184 Kent North Murderkill Hundred
53 Bethel Town 174 Sussex Broad Creek Hundred Bethel[2]
54 Viola Town 160 Kent North Murderkill Hundred
55 Henlopen Acres Town 124 Sussex Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred Thijmen Jacobsz Hinlopen
56 Farmington Town 113 Kent Mispillion Hundred
57 Hartly Town 76 Kent West Dover Hundred


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