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Patrick Tonyn

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Title: Patrick Tonyn  
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Patrick Tonyn

General Patrick Tonyn

Patrick Tonyn (1725–1804) was a British General who served as the second colonial governor of East Florida from 1774 to 1783.

Tonyn was from a military background. His father, Charles Tonyn, was a Colonel in the 6th Inniskillen Dragoons. Patrick Tonyn became a captain in the 6th Dragoons in 1751, with which regiment he served in Germany in 1758 during the Seven Years' War where, in 1759, the regiment fought at Minden and Wetter with great distinction. Tonyn was made lieutenant-colonel of the 104th Regiment of Foot in 1761.

Tonyn is generally described as a capable commander. During his tenure as governor of East Florida the colony enjoyed peace with the neighboring Indians, primarily due to his positive relationship with Ahaya the Cowkeeper, chief of the Alachua band of the Seminole tribe.

Like most favored British officers, Tonyn received a large grant in the new colony—a 20,000-acre (81 km2) tract in 1767.[1] Fort Tonyn, which was located in present-day Nassau County, Florida, near the hamlet of Mills's Ferry was named after Tonyn, who served as East Florida's Royal Governor at the time of the American Revolution.

Tonyn was instrumental in bringing his brother-in-law[2] planter

Preceded by
Major John Moultrie
Governor of British East Florida
Succeeded by
Vicente Manuel de Céspedes y Velasco - Governor of Spanish East Florida
  • Julianton Plantation, Francis Levett Sr.

External links

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  2. ^ Patrick Tonyn was married to the sister of planter Francis Levett. The Levetts were children of English Turkey merchant John Levett, who died April 1731 at Constantinople[2], and his wife Charlotte de Peleran, daughter of French diplomat Pierre Armand de Peleran.
  3. ^ Francis Levett, Julianton Plantation, British East Florida, Florida History Online


Patrick Tonyn was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumbria and died in London on 30 December 1804.

Tonyn was involved in a fraud and deception trial at the Old Bailey in May 1796. Henry Weston was indicted for forging his signature to transfer £5000. The Old Bailey records show that Weston, a young man with gambling debts, was sentenced to death.

Levett's son-in-law Dr. David Yeats served as Secretary of the province of Florida under Governor Tonyn. [3]

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