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Tempus fugit

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Title: Tempus fugit  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Clock position, Perdurantism, Century leap year, Endurantism, Temporal parts
Collection: Latin Mottos, Latin Words and Phrases, Time, Time Management
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Tempus fugit

An example of the phrase as a sundial motto in Redu, Belgium.

Tempus fugit is a

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The phrase is a common motto, particularly on sundials and clocks.

OMNE ADEO GENVS IN TERRIS HOMINVM QVE FERARVM QVE Thus every Creature , and of every Kind ,
The ſecret Joys of ſweet Coition find :
Not only Man's Imperial Race ; . . .
Nay, every race on earth of men, and beasts,
That wing the liquid Air ; or ſwim the Sea ,
Or haunt the Deſart , . . .
And ocean-folk, and flocks, and painted birds,
IN FVRIAS IGNEM QVE RVVNT AMOR OMNIBVS IDEM...             . . . ruſh into the flame :
For Love is Lord of all ; and is in all the ſame .
Rush to the raging fire: love sways them all.
SED FVGIT INTEREA FVGIT INREPARABILE TEMPVS But time is loſt , which never will renew , Fast flies meanwhile the irreparable hour,
SINGVLA DVM CAPTI CIRCVMVECTAMVR AMORE While we too far the pleaſing Path purſue ;
Surveying Nature , with too nice a view .
As point to point our charmed round we trace.
is: GeorgicsThe phrase's full appearance in the

"); the English form is often merely descriptive: "time flies like the wind", "time flies when you're having fun". Then there is the geneticists version: "time flies like an arrow; but fruit flies like a banana." gather ye rosebuds while ye may) rather than a motto in favor of licentiousness (cf. "carpe diem, however, is typically employed as an admonition against sloth and procrastination (cf. Tempus fugit that "time's a-wasting". proverb: "it escapes, irretrievable time". The phrase is used in both its Latin and English forms as a TEMPVS INREPARABILE FVGIT where it appears as [1]

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