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The Brothers Grunt

The Brothers Grunt
The Brothers Grunt titleboard
Genre Dark humor
Surreal humor
Off-color humor
Created by Danny Antonucci
Written by Dennis Heaton
Danny Antonucci
Rod Filbrandt
Voices of Doug Parker (1993-1995)
Jennifer Wilson (1994)
Theme music composer Patric Caird
Composer(s) Patric Caird
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 35 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) a.k.a. Cartoon
MTV Networks
Distributor Paramount Television
Original channel MTV
Original release August 15, 1994 (1994-08-15) – April 9, 1995 (1995-04-09)
Related shows Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Brothers Grunt is a Canadian animated comedy television series that originally aired from August 15, 1994 to April 9, 1995 on MTV. The series centered on Frank, Tony, Bing, Dean and Sammy, an ensemble cast of pale, rubbery humanoids distantly related to human beings, all of them ostensibly male, wandering around in their underpants, in search of their lost brother Perry.[1] The series had a short run and was met with generally negative reception.


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  • Cast 2
  • Network run 3
  • Reception 4
  • Episodes 5
    • Season 1 (1994) 5.1
    • Season 2 (1994) 5.2
    • Season 3 (1994) 5.3
    • Season 4 (1995) 5.4
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The series centered on an ensemble cast of pale, rubbery and constipated-looking humanoids with prominent varicose veins distantly related to human beings, all of them ostensibly male, wandering around in their underpants. Their main food staple is cheese; nevertheless they are able to eat other foods and dishes (at least potatoes: see episode #23, "Not My Potato"). Their single parent is a giant, mute aquatic individual, called Primus Gruntus Maximus, to whom they are born as embryos inside skin warts, much in the way of the Surinam Toad (see Pipa pipa). They live in a monastery in the wilderness. A group is formed, composed of most of the survivors of their species. in a quest to bring back one of their kind, Perry, who has abandoned his involuntary position of "Chosen One" (leader of their order) and is now living the "high life" among human beings (who seem to deal with the bizarre nature of the grunts by ignoring them and pretending everything is normal).


The main characters were named after famous vocalists of the 1950s: Frank (Sinatra), Tony (Bennett), Dean (Martin), Bing (Crosby), Sammy (Davis Jr.), and Perry (Como) all voiced by Doug Parker (1993-1995).


  • Frank
  • Tony
  • Bing
  • Dean
  • Sammy
  • Perry - A Grunt that became the chosen one in the pilot episode: The Ceremony.


  • King Grunt - (Doug Parker (1993-1995)) A king with the thoughts.
  • The Dıflash Queen - (Jennifer Wilson (1994)) A Turkish Queen that appeared in the episode: Scrub Me Sammy.
  • The Giant - (Doug Parker) A floating giant.
  • The Dıflash Queen's İgnam lamp - (Jennifer Wilson) A Turkish lamp belonging to Sammy.
  • The Smein - (Doug Parker) A Nazi German skunk that appeared in the lost episode: Hunt for Grunts.
  • Krischmäßante - (Doug Parker) The Smein's best friend skunk.
  • Santa Claus (or St. Nicholas or especially Kris Kringle) - (Doug Parker) An obese present bringer that appeared in the lost episode: The Grunts Who Came for Turkey.

The characters that would become The Brothers Grunt were first seen in one of MTV's numerous 30-second promos. This particular promo consisted of close-up shots of the at-the-time-unnamed character's faces who seemed to be straining to do something (veins in their heads would bulge, the characters would squint and grunt) until the scene cut to the MTV logo landing in a pool of sludge followed by a satisfied "Ahhhhh" (suggesting that the characters were suffering from constipation and the MTV logo was the 'turd' as it were). It is unclear when this promo aired if the storyline and characters for The Brothers Grunt had been developed already or if it had been developed into its own show after the success of the promo, in the wake of Beavis and Butt-head.


Network run

The show began in 1993 when the MTV ad for The Brothers Grunt aired. At the time Danny Antonucci had animated several MTV ads to find work outside of International Rocketship Ltd., who he had worked for since 1984. Although Danny enjoyed the success of Lupo The Butcher, he wanted to leave International Rocketship Ltd. and start his own animation company. The result was a.k.a. Cartoon, which began on April 1, 1994. The studio began as a way to locate his work for The Brothers Grunt after an MTV executive liked his MTV ad so much he asked him to turn it into a television series.


The Brothers Grunt had a short run and was met with generally negative reception from critics. Kenneth R. Clark of the Chicago Tribune said that with the series, MTV "created the most repulsive creatures ever to show up on a television screen" and "accomplished the seemingly impossible."[2] Charles Solomon of the Los Angeles Times called the show "an effortful, sophomoric half-hour that leaves the viewer longing for the refined good taste of Alice Cooper."[3] In their book North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980, William Beard and Jerry White called the series a "failure".[4] The show was often compared to Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, an animated series that aired on MTV's sister channel, Nickelodeon. Gabor Csupo, co-creator of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, rejected these comparisons, claiming that his show was more character driven, while The Brothers Grunt was an idea driven series, also pointing out that both shows have different visual styles.[5] When looking back on the series, creator Danny Antonucci stated that the series "didn't really do too well", also saying that the show has since become MTV's "dirty little secret".[6]


Note: All episodes directed by Danny Antonucci

Season 1 (1994)

No. in
Title  Original air date 
1 1 "The Ceremony" August 15, 1994
2 2 "Make Mine a Grunt" August 22, 1994
3 3 "The New Fish" August 29, 1994
4 4 "Where Angels Fear to Grunt" September 5, 1994
5 5 "Viva Grunt Vegas" September 12, 1994
6 6 "Scrub Me Sammy" September 19, 1994

Season 2 (1994)

No. in
Title  Original air date 
7 1 "The Detective" September 26, 1994
8 2 "If I Could Grunt to the Animals" October 3, 1994
9 3 "Paging Dr. Grunt" October 10, 1994
10 4 "Perry's Appliance Repair" October 17, 1994
11 5 "Timmy's Best Friend" October 24, 1994
12 6 "No Quest Today" October 31, 1994

Season 3 (1994)

No. in
Title  Original air date 
13 1 "Grunt Moments in History" November 7, 1994
14 2 "Perry Molo" November 14, 1994
15 3 "Tony and Salsa" November 21, 1994
16 4 "A Call to Grunts" November 28, 1994
17 5 "Clean Up in Aisle Grunt" December 5, 1994
18 6 "Land of the Midnight Grunt" December 12, 1994
19 7 "Close Encounters of the Grunt Kind" December 19, 1994
20 8 "The Scent of Grunts" December 26, 1994

Season 4 (1995)

No. in
Title  Original air date 
21 1 "Eat My Grunt" January 2, 1995
22 2 "They Stole Tony's Veins!" January 9, 1995
23 3 "Not My Potato" January 16, 1995
24 4 "Squeal Like A Grunt" January 23, 1995
25 5 "The Big Crapple" January 30, 1995
26 6 "Sammy in a Varicose Vein" February 6, 1995
27 7 "Grunt Fare" February 13, 1995
28 8 "To H*ll with Bing" February 20, 1995
29 9 "Cream Style Tony" February 27, 1995
30 10 "The Ugly Gruntling" March 5, 1995
31 11 "5 Card Grunt" March 12, 1995
32 12 "The Stench of Grunts" March 19, 1995
33 13 "Grunt Games" March 26, 1995
34 14 "Requiem for a Sammy" April 2, 1995
35 15 "Smells like Dean Spirit" April 9, 1995

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